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Japanese Manufacturer since 1964.        The Premiere Educational Microscope             Wholesale distributor of good, 
Excellent value, quality and durability.      Manufacturer for over 5 decades.  Also             economical microscopes mostly
Mostly for professional-grade and          produces some models suitable for vet              for education (K-12) and also
higher education.                                    practices, etc. and higher education.                  some more advanced models.
Biological Microscopes                                        Biological Compound Microscopes                                Biological Compound
   - upright                                                              Cordless, Rechargeable Microscopes                             Cordless, Rechargeable
   - inverted                                                            Digital Microscopes                                                           Digital Microscopes
darkfield                                                                 Forensic Comparison Microscope                                  Stereo (Dissecting) Microscopes
epi-fluorescence                                                   Stereo (Dissecting) Microscopes                                    Shop Microscope
Measuring Microscope
Metallurgical Microscopes
phase contrast
Polarizing Microscopes
Stereo Microscopes
   - Modular, Greenough design
  - Common Main Objective
Video Microscopes

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