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             Unitron L.E.D. Ring Lights - click on the image to view all models, specifications and pricing.  Some models Made in the USA!       

                 Meiji L.E.D. Versatile Illuminator

Variable intensity versatile L.E.D. 5-watt illuminator on detachable articulated arm with swivel joint. Pre-focused three-lens collecting system creates sharply defined spot illumination without color fringes. Acid and reagent resistant.   This light is also used in several stands where the light is removed from the articulating arm and inserted into the stand in special receivers.


Our Part Number: I-M-MA264/LED                            

             Dolan Jenner MI-150 Fiber Optic Illuminators                 
Part Number Description                                                                
I-U-16105 MI-150RL 150W fiber optic illuminator, 60mm I.D. annular ring light
I-U-16106 MI-150DG 150W fiber optic illuminator, dual gooseneck w/ focusing lenses
I-U-16108 MI-150SG, 150W fiber optic illuminator, single light guide with focusing lens
I-U-16102 MI-150 150W fiber optic power illuminator (no light guides or ring lights)
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